Mar 20, 2014

Telling Our Stories

There is something so deeply personal
About telling our stories
Of our life, of our faith
In growing even deeper on the path.

We have an opportunity
To see through a different view
Of what others have carried
In burdens and joyful trimuphs

I love the openness and authenticity
That telling our stories encourages--
The way listening deeply
Seems to stir something in our souls

And allows God's glory
To be shown to the world
And, it seems, it helps us hear the melody
And sing the song of our lives

We speak of evangelizing
But really it is telling our stories
And understanding
How God transforms our lives

Telling our stories
Helps us nudge each other along
In this journey of faith
Worshiping the One

Who creates
And knows
And loves
And sustains
And shepherds
And redeems.

For eternity.

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