Apr 25, 2013

Finding Solace...Everywhere

The rush of the city, the honking of taxicabs
People hurrying by, pushing through
And the distinctive sounds ring in my ear
And the wafting smells of the city rise

It is a dichotomy of sorts
This girl who grew up on the farm
Who by all accounts is quiet and introspective
And longs for the slow, sunshine filled days

I think of all the ways my Spirit has taught me
That my soul needs rest and to find solace
Because it is there--at the throne of grace
That I can listen, and hear and be.

Yet, I laugh at the surprise of knowing
Even in the city with all its busyness
I find the solace, the peace, the serenity
I am looking out on a new day
With the sparklin sun rising up over
The Brooklyn Bridge--an exquisite sight.

And even in the chaos that is around
I found a chapel and I retreat there sometimes
To their noontime vespers to settle and quiet
And meet the One who created me and sustains me
And holds me, even when the world is clamoring

The chapel houses a beautiful labyrinth
And I find myself almost running there
So I get to the peace, commune with the Holy
For that is where I find the source of my life

And now I find that it isn't about running away
Or finding the silence of the chapel so much
But quieting my soul, and practicing Sabbath
Learning to expereince Resurrection.

Apr 19, 2013

Mystery of Love

It is a great mystery
When I think of the way I am loved
Deeper than oceans and higher
Than the highest mountain.

Sometimes I forget
Or I wander trying to find love
But am I always brought back
To the one who loves me most.

For the one who created me,
The one that pursues constantly,
The one that molded me
And the one that sustains me
Is the whose love I want and need.

No matter what I do
No matter how far I run
I am consumed with that love
And now I can say for sure,
I feel that love in the bottom of my soul.

And the question is:
How do I show that love back
to the One who loves me most?
How can I be faithful enough?
How can I be transformed enough?
How can I be all I was made to be?

Only with an open heart
Only in obedience
Only with all that I am.