Jun 25, 2013


What does it take to be courageous?
Not afraid of danger or pain, I am told
I wonder if there is anything
Courageous within me.

But the examples are all around
In physical strength
And changed lives
In new perspective...
Even my own.

And I have been faced
Through suffering
With those that show me
Day by day
How they trying to get it right.

One breath, one step
In front of the other
Trying and striving
And leaning on the One
Who has saved us.

Lost and then found
Suffering and then healing
On death's door, and now alive
The old has passed away,
the new has come.


"Be brave.  Be strong.  Don't give up.  Expect God to get here soon." (Ps 31:24)

Jun 8, 2013

Letting Go

It is amazing when you
Have the courage to let go
Of the things that have held you
Like a bird in soaring freedom

So many times
I have thought there were
Choices that belonged to me
But they were for others to make

And there is freedom in knowing
It is not in the rescuing 
Or sweeping in and fixing
But in one thing that matters:   loving

Not loving based on good works
Loving unconditionally,
No matter the circumstance
Or whether I thought choices of others
Were the best ones.

Because I can only choose
What is mine to choose--
And I am learning 
To let my judgements
Go by the wayside.  

And when I heal,
What I know is that
I am learning how not to react
But rather, respond, with love
And THAT choice is mine:
How to respond to the circumstance.

And when I can see that growth
I know for sure
God is leading me
Changing me
Growing me

Every day.
One day at a time.