Nov 26, 2013

Touching What Is Holy

I can touch what is holy
And it is around me at every moment
For it is a natural course:
Loving ourselves, loving others
But also being deeply and profoundly
Loved by God.


"The kingdom of God is within you."
When I really concentrate on that love
That love that is so encompassing
That love that is so abundant
I am left in awe.

Allow me to be grateful enough
To be trusting enough
To accept this God-given grace
Because I then see and can embrace
Creation alive within each me and others.

With age comes greater gifts:
I long for simplicity and humility
I am not caught up with measuring up
At least not by the world's stndard

I have a greater gift now
In my ordinariness there is
A deep need for vulnerability
For breaking myself wide open

To embrace all that I can be
All that I can learn
All the ways I can serve
When I listen to that
Still small voice within.


Nov 1, 2013

Crossing the Bridge

I find that I can't cross a bridge
Just watching from the other side
I need to take a leap of faith
And take one step at a time
To being the journey.

Pressing on, moving ahead
Requires faith and bit of courage

But crossing the bridge
Moving from despair to hope
Is worth the peservance
To get to the other side

Life is indeed a journey
There dreams to dream
And a life to live
And wisdom to gain

And at the center of it
Is love to be shared
Through a heart of faith
Wth fortitude and strength

Crossing the bridge means

To get to all you are becoming
And the life that's unfolding
At every moment.

Reach out your hand
Take the first step
Move the first stone
Cross the bridge