Jan 16, 2013


How do I share your presence?
It is clear you call me to give myself
But instead I seem to isolate myself instead
When you call me to let your voice be heard

It requies stepping out in faith
Giving love and reaching a hand
To become bold in faith
And reach to those who need Your love

Give me the courage
To open myself wholeheartedly
To open my Spirit so that it soars
To touch the Holy in everyone I meet

Instead of clenching fists tightly
Let me open my hands so they may be touched
So that can be a vessel of the One who created my soul
Who sustains and holds me and nudges me on in His name

Stepping Out
Hands Open
Heart Ready

Jan 15, 2013

Keep Calm and Pray On

The title of the journal--
A new gift I received
Seems to say it all,
"Keep Calm and Pray On"

It reminded me
Of the hundreds of times
I have prayed the Serenity Prayer this year
As if it is a mantra from the depths of my soul.
And it is.

"God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference."

How God knows my desire
to be still and know that He reigns
In my heart, in my soul, in my life
My words, my actions, my thoughts.

Trusting Him is the way I find
The Way
The Truth
The Light

He has set my path
He is on the journey
By my side
Guiding my every moment

Keep Calm
And Pray On

You are my Peace
You are my Serenity

Jan 8, 2013


Gently the sun
Peeks over the horizon
Nudging the day awake
Warming the earth

Gently the waves
Meet the sand
Breaking and receding
In a rhythm of serenity

Gently the songs are sung
In our hearts and in our souls
Whether songs of joy or sorrow
The gentle songs of life, light our way

Genthy a light glimmers then glows 
Until it is burning brightly
Just as the faith inside me has been revealed
Gently, then with vigor and intensity

Gently the baby is born 
In a quiet stable to a faithful servant
Quietly among the animals in the stable
The King of all makes his entrace in the world

Gently those we love have come into our lives
And touched us deeply and richly
And gently they are gone again
And we are never the same.