Dec 29, 2012

First Snow

When the first snow comes
I cannot wait to walk
To feel the deluge of snowflakes
Falling on me and around me

So gently falling to the ground
And disintegrating below my feet
The air feels so crisp and enveloping
And I love to look to the heavens
To see the vastness of the sky turned white

But mostly I rush to take my walk
Because it reminds me of the farm
Where I grew up, where so much was formed
And it is as if I am back there as a little girl

I see the vastness of the field
With the remains of the corn stalks
From the recent harvest
And see how the snow falls

It is the endless beauty of God's hand
The field with the backdrop of forest
Towering pine trees and the walnut tree
Standing alone on the hill
I can almost hear the crunch under my feet

The way we would check the
Sled riding hill and imagine
That if the snow was really an event
We'd end up there with such fun and laughter

And I know that when I glimpse that scene
In my mind's eye--it always brings warmth
And joy to think of the memories there
And I'm so glad those thoughts come to mind still so easily

That's why I love the first snow
Gentle and quiet that brings solace
Where is the silence surrounds
As each flake joins the others

And I am filled with the blessing of the moment.

Dec 26, 2012


There is wonder and simply a gloriousness
As I hear the Christmas stoary again this year
For there is brilliance that has come after the darkness
There is pure joy is overflowing, as a result of God's redeeming love

And I am left in awe and wonder
Yet there is something deep inside that cries out--
If I am living in the illuminating light that surrounds
How will that make life different for me?
What will I do with all that has happened?

And yet, I think of Mary and that precious baby
That was born to save us from all our sins
And nothing really can ever be the same
Because God continually challenges me
To make more room and to bear witness

If the shepherds, or the angels, or the wise men
Had kept quiet and kept the awesome gift of Christ's birth
A quiet secret that was kept among themselves
The story would not have played out quite the same way

So if I'm left with such a blessing, and awe and wonder
How do I make that gift I have received faith in action?
How do I take the absolute transformation of circumstances
Turned into strength and hope and a sparkling life
To shout from the mountaintops that hope is alive?

My head and heart know that it is moment by moment
In each opportunity God gives for standing up in courage
For telling our stories and being absolutely changed by them
For reaching out in unconditional and unfathomable love

And isn't that what the birth of that Child is all about?

Dec 18, 2012


One candle...
A flicker
A glow
Even just a glimmer.

We need the Light
We need the One who is Light
To heal our broken hearts
And lead us on in hope.

For we are changed
We have found harmony in grief
And we are united in great sorrow
For all the precious that have been lost

We cry out to the Light
Turn our fear to faith
Turn our sorrow to healing
Turn our confusion to solidarity
Turn our despair to hope

And we know
That in this time unfathomable pain
In this time where the shadows envelop
We must still be reaching out of the darkness

For the light comes
One moment at a time
Quietly and so slowly at times
Twinkling and shimmering
Until the bright light can shine within

Teach us to be light bearers
Even on on the darkest night.

Dec 11, 2012

Advent Reflection

"Come, Lord Jesus!" our souls cry
As we wait for the one we long for:
God with us.

Yet, we so easily get distracted
At all things that pull us away--
Our schedules are full
And we are running at a frantic pace

So filled with all there is to do
That we forget to just be...
To be waiting to seek quiet spaces
And to listen for your voice.

For we want to run to the manger
To fast forward to what awaits us there
But there is work to do in our hearts
As we reflect on what a Savior really means

Help us to linger and seek
The joy of your presence
Instead of filling our lives
With activity that leaves us empty

Fill us with the gifts of solace
And teach us once and for all
To truly be still and know that you are God
And to be content in the waiting.

We need to approach in reverence
And examine our heart and soul
So we can receive the gift in a new way--
The gift of a tiny baby who comes to save the world

Our Savior that comes to save us.

Dec 5, 2012

Letting Advent Fill My Soul

When I think of Advent
I think of taking a walk to the creek
On the farm where I grew up--
A very favorite thing to do!

As you began to walk
Each step would reveal
A little more of the masterpiece--
The full picture of the sky,
The field, the harvested corn stalks
The shadows, the light

And that is what the Advent journey
Needs to be like for me
Taking one step at a time
Silently breathing deeply, taking it all in

Because I don't need the whirlwind
Of the parties, the decorating, the gift buying
Quite as much as I need to quiet my soul
And to wait for the Savior to be born again

It is in the quiet
In the pure solace
That I can sense the rhythms
Within my soul

I am in tune with the hunger
And thirst I have for that Savior
Who changes the world
And changes my heart

And I don't want to rush to the manger
For I need to make room and a way
For the one who knows every part of me
To live fully in my heart and to change my soul

Come, Lord Jesus.