Jan 1, 2011

Dawn of a New Day

The longs streaks of sun reach down through the trees
Causing their own shadows but brightening the blue sky
The new day has dawned, and a new year awaits
A sparkling new slate of possibility and wonder

We take stock over what has been
We remember that difficult times
And we recognize our weaknesses
That gave way to strengths

We look at the way we have accomplishes
And we acknowledge mistakes we have made
We strive with obedience moving in the same direction
To be better and more than we were

We long for the fruits of the spirit to be whole within us:
Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness
Desiring to listen more, talk less
Bringing light into the dark places of the world

Paying attention to all that is around us:
Not going through our life with blinders on
But opening ourselves to everyday moments
Because everything matters and everything belongs

There are hopes and dreams within us
To be expressed and renewed and realized
And there dreams of our Creator and Redeemer
That will take hold in each Spirit

What hope lies within in us
As we strive to remember what matters
And put the unnecessary, petty thoughts aside
To work together for a greater good

For every moment, may we press forward
With joy, and longing and truth.
To be more than we were, with deeper understanding
Living for the One we belong to.