Dec 14, 2010


I am encircled with just the glimmer of the early morning light

As I push back the curtains and see the hue of the sunlight stream

For mostly it is still dark, even the stars still twinkle in a shadowy sky

I am encircled in the still-dark of the morning

As if an invitation of the new day, an offering to draw me in

I enter the quiet. Bathe in it. Listen to it. Embrace the solace.

Encircled and called to let go over everything, everyone

But One. The Holy One. Called into Holy Presence in this moment.

Somehow in this silence, this stillness, I sense the harmony of grace

Discord and dissonance does not play into the melody at all

I sense I am touching the sacredness and character of God

And my soul softens as I encounter the One who never leaves.

For it is not just on the mountaintop, with joyful triumph

But in these ordinary, quiet, tranquil moments that you call me

Let me listen. Let me respond to the whispers deep in my soul.

Come. Encircle. Encounter. Transform.

Dec 12, 2010

Listening With "Ears of the Heart"

I am in tune to both the silence and the clamor
Of the season...I hear so many sounds
Some so pleasing...the sounds of an angelic choir
The glee of childrens' excitement

Or the patience that wears thin
Or the canned music in a department store
But yet, there are the gentle words
Of a Christmas pageant,
"For unto us is born..."

I hear so much, yet I ponder now
In this season of Advent and preparation
How well I I tuned into the soul of a person?
For it is in listening with the ears of the heart than God moves me

For I can hear noises enveloping me
But when I listen, at this time
With intention, with purpose, with openness
I am more awake, and alive and alert to this world

To the cries of the hearts around
To the wanderings of my own soul
I know longer just hear sounds
But in listening with my heart
I am changed, I am moved, I am transformed

Because there is a place of brokenness and deep need
Where my listening and understanding are needed
To move to be Jesus' hands and feet and heart on earth
For the sounds aren't meant to be loud, clashing noise

But instead, hearts and souls working to reach out in love
Listening deeply to both deep joy and painful struggle
To learn to live with hands open, and feet willing to act
For by listening, there is a chance for harmony.

And by listening
We can welcome in a new way
The Prince of Peace
To change our hearts
And transform the world.

Dec 6, 2010


God with us, Emmanuel,
Help me center in this time of Advent
Wait. Expect. Hope. Prepare.
The waiting has always been so hard
With a heart that needs to practice patience
But in the waiting, in the solace, I enter Holy Presence.

When I can put the busyness of thoughts
The distractions of readying the outside
And turn my thoughts to the inside
I begin to see what joyful expectation looks like.

I desire to be present with you
O God, who is always present with me
I desire to be faithful to you
O God, who is always faithful to me
I see the glow of the manager ahead
And I am content with this moment
This hopeful anticipation.

Help me to surrender all my cluttered thoughts
That dim the clear view of your light
That I wish for, hope for, long for
In this season of waiting, of preparing
Of examining my heart and seeing
What lies there that needs restoring

Be Still, My Soul
Let me really listen
Let me really hear
The joyful expressions
And the painful cries
That envelop strangers and friends
Because I know you present everywhere
In everyone

There are still, small voices
Whispers within that call me
Into this Holy Presence
This time of both mystery and wonder.

Let me hear. Let me listen.
Let me respond. Let me praise.

Prepare me for the journey to
the Prince of Peace.