Oct 30, 2012

Tree on the Hill

A towering tree stands at the top of hill
You cannot notice her beauty until you are up close
And experience the strength that lies within her
The courage with which she stands no matter what

Her elegance comes from her large, graceful limbs
Turned outward as if inviting the world in
As if she is embracing each moment
Each storm, each rainbow, each ray of sun.

There are deep crevices and ruts on her trunk
Signs of the storms she has weathered
But those who know her realize part of the beauty
Is the strength that came not from within,
But as  a gift from something greater, higher.

She was whipped around, branches flailing,
Old and brittle branches breaking off
So that new blooms, new life could form
So that over and over there was resurrection

This tree has learned how to embrace
And live out, and live within, and transform
Knowing that her roots are planted firmly
On a solid foundation