Nov 21, 2012

Giving Thanks In All Things

Gratitude fills my heart
And I am reminded
To continually remember
To forget not all His benefits

Even in the most challenging of years
The gifts that were revealed and brought forth
Are too many to count and I am left
Feeling so full in learning how to empty myself.

The gift of paying attention to the smallest of things--
To the smile that has appeared after a long absence,
Of laughter that seems to ring through the air,
Of a touch that so deep I feel it in my soul

And awakening to the life that is such a gift
Does that to you--especially when you learn
To truly listen with the beating of your heart
To feel, and know, and be all you were created for

To notice the gift of the brilliant sunrise
But also the hues of the sunset quietly fading
Seem to bring all of life to a present that has arrived
And is just waiting to be enjoyed, and lived, and treasured.

To know that the darkness gives way to light again
To know that day by day we are being transformed
By not our circumstances, but our response to them
Not by despair, but leaning into hope

And as I pay attention and see with new eyes of faith
I know the One who holds me, who I truly belong to
Sets my path right, and moves me forward to light
So my deepest desire of bringing Him glory changes everything

For I have been blessed
And I am redeemed
And I have known undeniable faithfulness
Beyond any expression of words.

And so, my soul sings.
A song of gratitude.

Nov 3, 2012


The storm rages all around
Many plan, but when it hits
There is destruction
There is devastation

When the very physical storms come
We are knocked off our feet
The hurt all around seems surreal
Yet, it is very, very real

And yet there are storms of all kind
There are storms that rage within us
There are storms that capture our minds
And there are storms that change our hearts

All of them, it seems
Get to the heart of our spirituality
Which really means:
To see

Storms have a way of helping
Us see clearly what is important
What we cling to
And what is at the depth
Of our very soul

We are not in control anyway
Even though we think we are
We don't plan our next breath
But God does

So in all the storms of life
I've learned see a little more clearly
With each wave that washes over
To take me where I should be

Because there is this hope
This anchor for the soul
That is undeniable
That is firm and solid

Teach me to cling to the anchor

Hebrews 6:19:  We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain.