Dec 25, 2013

Gift of a Savior

May the journey to Bethlehem
Have the power to change us –
Our perspective, our actions, our hearts
As the wondrous Gift is given

If Christ is in us
Are we welcoming each one we encounter
With the same reverence and honor
With which we approach the holy manger

In a world around us that is broken
Do we carry the hope with us
That we know to be true
Through the Savior born to save us

Do we carry an abundant joy within our souls
So that we are carrying the news of the Light
Into to a world that was as dark as night
Reflecting and illuminating the True Light

Gift of a Savior
Softened heart, renewed spirit
Love for all, joy abounding
Hope has come, spread the word.

Emanuel, God with us.

Dec 21, 2013

Advent Reflection

The journey to Bethlehem is filled
With so many thoughts about preparation
Is everything ready?  Are the decorations hung?
Are the cookies made? Are the presents wrapped?

Yet my reflection leads me to knowing something more
Is the depth of my soul ready to receive my King?
Have I looked in deeply?  Have I softened my heart?
Do I have a generous spirit?  Is His joy the melody I carry?

For when I take the time and relish a quiet moment
And give myself in prayer, do I truly surrender?
To the One who comes?  To the Savior of the world?
To the Savior of my heart and life?

If we are preparing to see the King
We might think of our ouside appearance
Do we look presentable enough? Is our hair just right?
But Our King cares enough to know our hearts
And He invites us to come as we are

How humbly He comes, this Savior of the world
He comes to lift our burdens and look into our eyes
He comes to wipe away the tears and never leave us
He comes to save a world that needs rescue

Are you ready?

Dec 9, 2013

Making Space

In Advent I am called more deeply
To a sense of attentiveness
To the world around me
And the soul inside me

No matter where I am on my journey
God shows me new things with new eyes
In the waiting there are so many gifts to behold
And in my life of prayer and contemplation
I am called to draw in deeper

When I can settle into the peace
And let go of the busyness of the season
There are gifts in the reflection
That allow me to see, to notice, to awake

In each Advent season, it seems
I need to make space in a new way
To reflect, renew, restore
So that I am ready to be led
By that little Child

What is familiar becomes new again
The singing of the hymns resound in my soul
The reading of the texts are understood in a new way
And there is an illumination of what is coming

But it requires silence and thought
Not rushing through the days
Not running to Bethlehem
But putting one step in front of the other

Being aware of the journey
In the waiting.  In the reflecting.
In the attentiveness in my heart
In the opening of my soul.