Apr 5, 2010

Butterfly with a Broken Wing

There was day that I found the most amazing butterfly

He had a broken wing and seemed a little bruised

But upon looking much more closely at his colors

Deep below, I found the most beautiful creature

The funny thing was, I think I had a battered wing, too

Wounded by a past of hurts too deep my colors had faded

But finding the butterfly, as if finding the perfect grain of sand

Was more of a gift than I could have imagined in my wildest dreams

Sometimes when you find something, even if for awhile

That seems to be given to you to help you fly again

No words can really express the brilliance of the moment

But you are aware that everything has a place and purpose

Finding the butterfly and being found by the wounded butterfly

Brought deep joy and remembrance of the preciousness of beginnings

Of stories shared, like a meeting of souls and a chance to dream again

But butterflies don't always stay, they are meant to fly

And the butterfly with the broken wing and this butterfly knew

The time would come and even if they soared in separate directions

The gift of finding each other and letting go were equally beautiful

Because there was a love within the seeking, the finding

And of the fluttering and the healing of the wings

That brought them together, but then let them be set free

To always know they were richer, better for the journey

And the broken wings could mend, even if worn

Because love was the center and courage was the release

And it left each of them with brighter colors within

And always when I soar, I can smile and know

Setting the butterfly of each of us free

Also allowed dreams to soar to the heavens

And souls to be changed forever

And be deeply reminded that love still matters.

The promise of new life in the butterfly

Still makes me smile.

Living Hope

The scent of the fresh spring day lingers
On the eve of Easter morning
I breathe in deeply and I remember
Empty Tomb

Journey to the cross
Lamb of God
Takes away sins of the world
My sin. And yours.
How have I pierced His side?
How does He forgive my indifference?
How do I betray? Deny? Judge?
I am humbled.

Unfathomable love.
Unconditional forgiveness.
Unquestionable grace.
Unbelievable hope.

Your love, so gentle and constant.
This act so selfless and complete.
Yet I look within at how I still hold back
You nudge, you whisper, you wait
Yet in the light of the Ressurection
Everything changes.

Remove what is old and dead in me
Enter my life boldly and in a fresh way
Melt away all that belongs to the past
And make me new in you...striving for the dawn
Leaving the darkness and shadows behind

Just as you called Mary at the tomb
You call my name. You call each one.
Death is overcome. Hope is alive.
How will I practice ressurection?