Aug 14, 2012

Taking Courage

There are so many days
That when I am following
The lead that I am given 
If I can just take one of leap of faith
To be strong, to take courage
I am so fully blessed.

Straight ahead
Running the race
Takes perseverance
And a good dose of fortitude
To press on.

I thought courage was for someone else
Someone who was a clear leader
Someone with great strength
Not someone like me

But the way God has changed me
Takes me from emptying myself
to heart that is overflowing
And bit by bit there is such freedom

Because all I am lacking
Is given as I look up
To the One who redeems
Who never leaves
Who restores and renews

And truly already has the plans
Laid out for my life
The God of the universe
Of the mountains and the seas

Loves me so completely
That he concerns Himself
With every detail of my life
The One who knew me
Before I was even given life 

And so what else could
My response be
But heartfelt praise
And deep gratitude.

Be strong. Take courage. Don't be intimidated. Don't give them a second thought because God, your God, is striding ahead of you. He's right there with you. He won't let you down; he won't leave you."
Deuteronomy 31:5-7

Aug 6, 2012

What Letting Go Has Taught Me

I will not say it's easy
We all have our own way
Of doing, of imagining, of believing
So letting go is not an easy place to be

But recently I learned
That letting go was a necessary step
In being who I was created to be
And allowing others their authenticity as well

Letting go, for me, means loving more
And trusting more that all will be well
That foundations that were set
Were deeply rooted

The outcomes were never in my hands
And letting go doesn't try to blame or change someone
It helps me be all of my true self and others to find their own way
For we are all on as journey together, yet individually.

Letting go allows for support without judgement
And allows others the freedom to affect their future
And it is living wholeheartedly and in truth
To become what I dream to be and others to be who they are
With all our strengths, joys, sorrows and humanness

And it is so much about acceptance and embracing
Not running to fix or change or rescue
But it is really about loving--deeply and richly
Both myself and others, wholly and completely

Thank you for giving me the courage I need.

To let go and let God.

Aug 2, 2012

Seeking Light

I like to take the road less traveled
The back roads seem to call my name
As I walk through the woods on a bright summer day
I notice how the sunlight peaks through the towering oak trees

I am not bathed in the constant, bright sunlight
But there are shadows that fall and make their way to earth
Allowing just a soft beam or glimmer, a glow
Reminding me of the ways God breaks through our darkness

Sometimes it is so subtle--
A word or a thought
Or our eyes set on something
And we slowly see the night lifting

We can't fathom how dark a night can be
Unless we are the one seeking the light
Each moment and experience brings us closer
For it is in darkness that we truly understand light's illumination

As if on the dark night of the soul
All is working together to bring new light, a new song
But we never could have imagined it, had we not lived it
And slowly the glow burns more brightly and shines outward

And when darkness turns to light
It is so humbling, so all-consuming
As if you've discovered the greatest of mysteries
Yet there is One who has led you to the path

One that has revealed the light

Set the path
Sung the melody
Opened your soul.
Created the new day dawning

Illumine me
God of Light