Jun 26, 2012

Giving Voice

In some simple way my soul knows
That I must give voice
to this journey.

My soul grows both in the circumstance
And in the understanding and deep wisdom
That keeps enveloping me...leading me
Further, deeper to a rich place

But if I do not give voice to the whispers
To the groanings, to the exuberant shouts
Both the gut-wrenching heartache and
The shining triumphs will lie stagnant

It would be like an unopened love letter
Whose lovely heartfelt words are never read or felt
Or a symphony's music left on the piano
With no ringing melody wafting through the air

The journey is not just about the sufferings
It is much more poignantly about the response
It is not about staying stuck in a low place
But about rising above the pain to healing

This path is about everyday miracles
And what happens when your heart is truly open
About being awake to the world around you
For all the gifts that each moment holds
And it is truly about hope.

For out of the darkness comes the light
First barely a glimmer, then a warm glow
then a brilliant, radiant, shining beam of light
That is so luminous is will never fade.