Jun 23, 2010


I love to visit a lighthouse
To see the surroundings
To look out over the water
Where once upon a time
Ships looked to the lighthouse
To find their way on the darkest of night.

I think about the light
That illumines from them
Not a trickle, or a glimmer
But brilliant, guiding light that shines
Not in a soft meek way, like candelight
But with boldness and shine and lustre

A beacon in a dark night
How I would love to play that role
To be the guiding light for all the vessels
Out rolling over the waves of the sea
Trying to find the beacon...
Finding their way to the safe harbor.

I know that is what I've found
This bright beacon that illuminates the night
That calls me home and directs my path
That leads me onward, always by its light.

Why am always looking for what I cannot find?
When the light is burning brightly, showing me the way
The light is calling my name -- I hear it, I see it
A beacon in the night cannot be mistaken.

The beacon that guides me finally
To the safe harbor.

Jun 10, 2010

Beacon of Light

I find there is not enough light

To illumine every place I step

To light the way on the path

That I need to follow.

But there is enough light

Just for this step

Just for this moment

To be left breathless

By God's working,

His awakening me in this way.

I think of a ship on the ocean

And the lighthouse brigtening the way

It is still dark, but ahead there is a glimmer

And then a glow, that seems to call them home

And now I see it everywhere

Because I am alive to it through the Spirit

That moves so deeply I am brimming with hope

For I know the ordinary gives way to extraordinary

A beacon of light shining

Within and lending the light to others

Just for this step, this moment

To be embraced, and changed

The light is like that

The darkness being left behind

The glimmer, the glow, the burning bright

Of the light that is hope