Mar 8, 2014


Maybe it is in the many hats we wear—
Woman, wife, mother, friend, sister
Worker, volunteer, leader, listener
That we learn to wear masks sometimes.

The “everything is fine” mask
Or the “I’ll smile even if it kills me” mask
The “I feel like I could die, but I must grin and bear it” mask
The “anyone can do anything for a short time” mask
And especially the “I’m just not good enough” mask

But God knows something more about us
The Creator of our lives that knows
Our innermost being that He knit togehter,
Who sees deeper than we can imagine
And loves us in spite of ourselves.

Our Creator, the One true God of the world
And of our lives—Our Sustainer, Our Redeemer,
Our Shepherd, Our Friend, Our Majestic God,
The Beginning and the End.

And He is the One we are seeking
He looks at our beat-up hearts and souls
He takes in our choices and our mistakes
And He loves with His unending, unrestricted,
Unfathomable, unobstructed, unlimited love.

Our masks don’t matter, but he tenderly, gently
Asks us to let them fall away and see ourselves
As He sees us…reflected in the light of His love
In the beauty with which He created us.

And on this journey of faith
He urges us to remember His love--
To live in it, spread it, and widen it
That unbelievable love..
Love from the cross.

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