Mar 6, 2014


I enter Lent and look toward the cross
And I know there is emptying to do--
Emptying myself so I can be filled with the Spirit--
With reflection, paying attention to attitudes and actions.

What is required as I empty myself?
Putting myself aside, certainly
And awakening to the rhthyms and flow
Of another's heart is needed on the journey.

Always in Lent you draw me to see
The parts of my heart that lie dormant
The ways I become complacent or content
When I need to be striving and alive in wonder

Open my soul deeply to hear your voice
As you whisper my name and move me
Allowing the Spirit to flow within me,
To draw me to the throne of grace.

Give me a heart for introspection
And let me see and hear.
Create a humbe spirit within me
And show me the ways to serve you

Help me to love as You love
And to offer Your heart of compassion
Letting all pretenses fall away
So that I am face to face

With the One who knows me mostly deeply
The One that shaped me and formed me
Sculpted from nothing to something
Everyday already prepared from the beginning

Empty me so that I may be filled.

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